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Descending from a Mastiff background and coming from the working dog family, the Boxer originated in Germany and gets its name from the way it stands on its hind legs and “boxes” with its front paws during play time…and this dog sure loves to play! A lively addition to any home, the boxer is a strong muscular dog that adores walks and a run in the park. They are medium-sized, and with a strong jaw, used for holding onto prey; however, they are not naturally an aggressive dog. Usually brown in colour, but can be black or white, the boxer has a short, smooth coat. A characteristic trait of the breed is their underbite, a square short-muzzled face and an adorably quizzical expression.

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An energetic and playful breed

Curious in nature, a boxer loves to explore. Contrary to some perceptions, the boxer is not naturally aggressive. They have a sweet disposition, are very energetic and are known for being good with children owing to their patience, making them great for families.

Prone to boredom, the boxer requires frequent walking so they don’t succumb to boredom-based bad behaviour such as chewing or digging. They require obedience training, but owing to their higher level of intelligence, this should be an easy task.

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