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Cavalier King Charles Spaniel Puppies

Truly lovable, the Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adds joy to every household. For those looking to welcome this breed into their home, Pups4Sale is the way to do it. You'll find dozens of listings for these fun, furry friends from respected rescue organisations and trusted breeders.

We help dog-lovers find a friend from a reputable source. Unlike other services, all Pups4Sale listings are rigorously screened by our own staff, ensuring that only genuine offers make it to our site no scammers or fraudulent listings. Find your new family member with complete confidence and browse the range of dogs for sale today.

A true companion for your family

Regal yet approachable, the picture-perfect 'Cavvy' as it is known by admirers is a friendly, lovable addition to families of every shape and size. Their versatility makes them perfect for more active families as well as those enjoying a more sedate lifestyle. Getting along beautifully with other dogs and people of all ages, its a dog that always fits into your lifestyle.

Highly affectionate and endlessly playful, they are an ideal first dog for families with young children, as well as those further on in life who are looking for a companion. Welcoming to guests and capable of forming strong bonds with dogs both smaller and larger than itself, they are quickly and easily socialised. With a rich, soft and beautiful coat, they make an ideal lapdog but will require occasional trips to the groomers to keep them looking their very best.

Making it easy to find a family member

Pups4Sale helps both vendors and buyers connect easier and with less stress. Discover your new best friend, or better advertise your newest litter with help from our service. Browse our range today or create an account to get started.

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