pups4sale testimonial: I would just like to say how happy we are about your site for selling pups. It was our first time using this site & they sold within 2 days. That is just amazing & the price that you charge to advertise is so cheap (compared) to anyone else. We will definitely be using this site for our next litter of dachshund puppies.
Megan. C

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Are you in need of something cute and loyal in your life? Finding a Dachshund puppy for sale has never been easier than when shopping online at Pups4Sale. As Australia's most popular verified marketplace especially for dogs, you know that every listing of short-haired or long-haired Dachshunds will be the real deal. Everybody has a soft spot for the cute, curious ''sausage dogs'', but the Dachshund is also a loyal guard dog, strong and curious companion, and surprisingly eager to exercise - a fantastic family pet. Trained as hunting hounds who would trail wild boar and chase badgers into their warrens, Dachshunds are unflappable and calm around their families and play well with even small children when properly trained.

Find Dachshund puppies from a reputable seller

Dachshunds are a very popular breed for their intelligence, agility, and generally attractive nature, but there are also pitfalls for potential owners to avoid. Bred as fierce hunting dogs, they are stubborn and independent, requiring patience and attention to train. If untrained they may become aggressive, especially around people they do not know well. Their bark is loud, and they use it often, sometimes causing problems for neighbours. Short-haired Dachshunds in particular need help staying warm in winter. As their nickname implies, ''sausage dogs'' have a tendency to gain weight if their diet and exercise are not regulated, and this can increase their risk of back problems later in life. Getting your Dachshund from a good source rather than a for-profit breeder can help avoid the worst of these health and temperament issues.

The Dachshunds and other adorable puppies available on Pups4Sale are great opportunities to add to your household, because we take great care to investigate every listing and ensure there is no fraud or scam being set up. We allow dogs of all mixes and breeds, making listing far simpler, but we remain totally focused on dogs to keep everything focused and agreeable. Try listing or buying puppies with us today!

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