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Italian Greyhound Puppies

Smaller in size but not one bit slower than its larger cousin, the Italian Greyhound is a pocket rocket of a dog that’s a lovely addition to any home. Fantastic companions that love nothing more than a run and a play, they’re equally at home in the city or in the country – anywhere that allows them a place to get up to a full gallop.

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A fast dog for slow lifestyles

Despite their incredible speed and agility, Italian Greyhounds do enjoy a sedate pace of life. Much like the larger Greyhound breed, they love a quiet household where they can curl up with their owner for an evening of napping. Their slim build and (in the case of some animals) low bone density means that they can be prone to injury, making them unsuitable for homes with small children who may be a bit rough with the animal. Additionally, homes with small pets such as rabbits and mice should avoid this breed due to its high prey-drive.

Caring for an Italian Greyhound is very easy, thanks to the dog’s short, straight coat. Brushing is not required, and bathing is recommended at most once a month. After a walk, a wipe down with a wet cloth is recommended to remove seeds, burrs and dust.

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