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Jack Russell: The Ultimate Breed Guide 2020

A friendly face that is more than joyous to greet you! 

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With that said, let's get into the details of the Jack Russell.

Characteristics of the Jack Russell


The Jack Russell is one of the most eminent dog breeds in the globe. If you have watched 'Frasier' and 'Wishbone' TV shows, then you definitely know what we mean by this TV star personality. Jack Russell is so cute and adorable; it makes you want to eat its face!

Let's have a more in-depth look into this tenacious breed's characteristics.





Jack Russell's vitality and energetic nature make it adapt to whichever kind of working environment and sports activities you offer them. However, this breed is not for everyone- you need to be just as much agile and nimble to keep up with them. For this reason, Jack Russell gets 3 out of 5 stars for adaptability.


  • Jack Russell is averagely suited to apartment living; however, because of their vibrant nature and love for outdoor exploration, you'll need to provide daily exercise and outside activities for this breed. They, therefore, get 3 stars for apartment-space suitability. Also remember if you have to go out and leave your Jack Russell in the house, you may want to consider crate training whereby the crate can be a haven for your pooch.

  • If you are new to dog parenting and wondering whether Jack Russell is a suitable breed for you, the answer is yes and no. Here's why- Jack Russell can be a handful to train; even professional dog trainers confess they cannot tame the hunting instinct out of this breed. They thus get 2 stars for suitability to new dog owners. However, if you can keep up with Jack's quirky nature and its naughty, mischievous attitude, then you two belong together.

  • The Jack Russell is averagely sensitive- 3-star rating. When given the right kind of affection, they reciprocate with unconditional love and respect. But remember to treat the dog gently. Don't use harsh tones when reprimanding your Jack Russell. Firm yet kind is the way to go.

  • This breed has an average level of solitude tolerance; for this reason, they get a 3-star rating. Similar to a human toddler, if Jack Russell are left on their own, they can be quite destructive as they invent new creative ways to entertain themselves.

  • Jack Russell has a super immune system, and they have a 4-star rating for adaptation to cold weather. However, this does not mean that it can go frolicking about in the snow for hours. It is best to get your Jack a sweater or jacket when going out on a wind chill.

  • When it comes to hot weather adaptability, Jack Russell get 3 stars. Too high temperatures leave them susceptible to heatstroke, therefore maintain moderate temperature levels in your home on hot days.  




All-Round Friendliness


The Jack Russell is a big pile of love, which gives them 5 out of 5 star rating.

  • They flourish with family attention and devotion. Don't think of building a kennel and leaving the Jack Russell at the mercy of the outside. Remember they get a 5-star rating for being family companions.

  • Jack Russell get 4 stars for child-friendliness. If you have kids then get to play outdoors with this pup, preferably with a Frisbee or a ball. Jack Russell loves to fetch!

  • The Jack Russell is tolerant and often friendly with stranger dogs, which gives them 5 stars in this department. A well trained Jack Russell learns to adopt the philosophy "live and let live" with other dogs. However, some feel like mighty Hercules and may want to take on dogs twice their size just for cross-eyeing them. Therefore, take your socialization training seriously to end up with a well-rounded pooch.

  • A majority of Jack Russell is friendly towards strangers, which gives them a 4-star rating. However, it comes down again to proper socialization if you want to raise a communal pooch.


Health and Grooming Needs





Jack Russell get 3 out of 5 stars in this sector, meaning they are neither high nor low maintenance dogs. However, this does not mean you neglect their hygiene, examinations and vet visits. 

  • Jack Russell shed averagely, which means they get 3 stars for this. Ideally, the shorter the fur, the more the shedding. Also, the level of shedding may increase during season transition. The more frequently you bath your pup, the more it will shed as well. Therefore, a warm water rinse and a good brush is enough and give it a detergent bath when it starts to smell. 

  • The Jack Russell is an ideal example of a breed with low drooling potential- only 1 star in this department. This is a plus for you if you are put off by slobber spots on your clothes. 

  • This breed gets 3 stars for grooming simplicity. You don't need to use the services of a professional groomer as Jack Russell are not high maintenance dogs. Remember, occasional flea treatment is required.

  • The Jack Russell is an overall healthy breed. However, the common health issues you should check with your veterinarian are lens luxation, deafness, patellar luxation, Legg-Carves-Perthes Disease and glaucoma. They, therefore, get 4 stars for general health.  

  • This pooch has a high potential for weight gain- 4 stars. If you are not attentive to its diet; it can quickly gain weight. Try to find a midpoint between exercise and feeding and decrease unhealthy snacks and foods.

  • The Jack Russell is a small dog breed- 2-star rating. Its average height is 29cm, and the average weight is 6.5 kg






Jack Russell is relatively easy to coach, which gives them 4 out of 5 stars. Training will, however, not be your cup of tea, especially if you are a new dog parent, but if you're persistent in instilling new commands, the pooch will obey for sure.

  • Rationality and discipline are essential to training a Jack Russell. This breed, therefore, gets a 4-star rating for training ease. Ensure you offer the right environment your Jack Russell needs.

  • The Jack Russell get a 5-star rating for intelligence. It is a rare breed for teaching as many tricks and commands as you can think of. The only limit is your imagination. They understand and cram new commands in 5-15 repetitions. They also obey the first order 85% of the time or more.

  • This breed gets 4 stars for mouthiness capability, which means they chew, nip and play-bite more often than not primarily in the puppy stage.  

  • They have a high compulsion to chase and catch which rates them at 5 stars. Therefore, if you have cats or other smaller pets in your home beware. This does not mean Jack Russell are aggressive-prey drive just comes naturally to them. Thus when you take dog walks, it's better to keep your Jack Russell on a leash.




  • The Jack Russell is extremely vocal and not the best to keep if you prefer a quiet, serene environment. They, therefore, get 4 stars for the tendency to bark or howl. Jack Russell loves to bark and howl loudly, and their tone changes according to their mood and the message they are conveying. 

  • Jack Russell is notorious for escaping- which allocates them 4 stars. They are always compelled to wander off to hunt and explore, which often gets them in trouble such as being trapped in underground dens. Jack Russell are also cheerful diggers. To minimize its notorious acts, keep your Jack indoors and take brisk supervised walks every day with your pup on a leash.


Physical Needs


Jack Russell gets a 5-star rating for physical needs. Which means that to keep this breed happy you need to offer it plenty of free time. This pup is tremendously hyper and requires constant exercise not only for its sanity but also yours.





  • Jack Russell has electric energy coursing through their veins, which gives them 5 stars. If you have a home with a spacious backyard, this is an added advantage. Keeping this dog indoors with little or no activity is sheer torture.

  • The Jack Russell has a 5-star rating for exercise needs. Your daily timetable should consist of long walks and runs preferably for an hour. If you prefer a couch potato, then you are barking the wrong dog!

  • Lastly, Jack Russell has a high potential for playfulness- 5 star-rating. It will often bark in excitement or nip to alert you it is time to play. This breed is particularly obsessive about ball chasing. 


Vital Stats About the Jack Russell




Dog Breed Group

Terrier Dogs


20-38 cm


5-8 kg

Life Span 

10-15 years

Litter size

4-8 puppies

Average daily food consumption 

1/4 cup- 1 cup high-quality dry food twice a day

Coat texture



Tan, white, black

Breed type


Other names 

Russell Terriers, Jack, JRT (Jack Russell Terrier)



Fun Facts About the Jack Russell


  • The Jack Russell was bred by wealthy English men to hunt fox in the south of England approximately two centuries ago.

  • The Jack Russell also named after its creator Parson Russell is a personal favourite of horse riders, animal trainers and dog sports fans. The Jack is especially loved by film and television executives because of its bouncy personality, daring nature, unlimited energy and compact size. 

  • Because of its heritage as a hunting canine, the Jack Russell is an ideal jogging buddy once it matures. 


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Jack Russell Puppies


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A friendly face that's always happy to see you


A dog that's appeared in movie after movie after TV show after book, the Jack Russell terrier is one of the most famous breeds in the world. It's small wonder why once you get to know them. Their agility and energy levels make them suitable for a range of working environments and sports, and their high level of intelligence makes them easy and rewarding to train.

As with all breeds, proper socialisation is needed to ensure that they remain friendly to guests and other dogs. They are best suited to owners already living an active lifestyle, as they require a high level of exercise in order to tire. If this sounds like the kind of dog who would fit into your family, take a look at our listings.


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