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More than just a pretty face, the Jack Russell is an athletic and fiercely intelligent breed. If you're looking to add this bundle of brains and energy to your family, do it with Pups4Sale. We connect you with reputable breeders and rescue organisations, helping you find the right furry friend for your needs and lifestyle.

If you're looking to do the right thing and bring a dog into your home from a reputable source, Pups4Sale is the way to do it. All listings on our site are rigorously screened by our staff to remove scammers, so you can rest assured that you're only looking at genuine offers. Discover how easy finding someone to love could be with help from Pups4Sale.  

A friendly face that's always happy to see you

A dog that's appeared in movie after movie after TV show after book, the Jack Russell terrier is one of the most famous breeds in the world. It's small wonder why once you get to know them. Their agility and energy levels make them suitable for a range of working environments and sports, and their high level of intelligence makes them easy and rewarding to train.

As with all breeds, proper socialisation is needed to ensure that they remain friendly to guests and other dogs. They are best suited to owners already living an active lifestyle, as they require a high level of exercise in order to tire. If this sounds like the kind of dog who would fit into your family, take a look at our listings.

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Pups4Sale offers a huge range of breeds and cross-breeds, helping everyone find the perfect dog for their needs. Browse our listings today or register for an account and offer your latest litter!

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