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Japanese Spitz Puppies

A companion and watch dog all in one. Pups4Sale helps wannabe dog-owners find the perfect Japanese Spitz puppy for their home. A low-maintenance, high-energy friend for life, this is the dog for everyone from retirees to young families.

Know that your new pet had the best beginning to their little life when you browse our listings. All of the Japanese Spitz puppies for sale offered through our site are guaranteed legitimate offers, with each listing inspected before posting. Buy with confidence, knowing that you’re getting a friend, not a scam, when you browse Pups4Sale.

Attentive, active and affectionate

Always devoted and ready to play, this is a breed that’s perfect for all ages. From little ones with boundless energy, to older people looking for a keen-eyed watchdog, the Japanese Spitz excels in households of every size and composition. Courageous and loyal, they can be fierce protectors of their owners, but without the aggression or possessiveness that plagues other brave breeds. With a loving attitude towards little children, they’re a perfect first dog for little ones.

A healthy, low-maintenance breed, the Japanese Spitz isn’t prone to many of the congenital defects that plague many dogs, only at risk of less severe conditions such as patella luxation. Their coat is one of their greatest strengths – despite its pure white appearance, it’s described as having a texture like Teflon, meaning that most dirt and mud can simply be brushed out. The perfect dog for anyone concerned with cleanliness, the Spitz lacks the typical ‘doggy odour’ that is associated with canines, making them a hygienic choice. 

A better choice for every pet-owner

Pups4Sale makes it easy to find the perfect little addition to your family. Take a look at our listings, or make an account and find a home for your newest litter today.

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