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With ancient ancestors who served as beloved companions to royalty, the Pekingese were once favourite of the imperial family in China. The breed's regality is displayed through the dignity, grace and pride with which they swan from place to place. Their conceited attitude and poised expression is strangely endearing and makes this pooch an ideal show dog. With docile, spherical brown eyes, its luxuriously long, straight mane and its tail, confidently suspended upon its back, the Pekingese's proud beauty is undeniable.

Their high intelligence is countered by their independence and autonomous thinking, giving them a serious stubborn streak. Training the Pekingese breed is always a test as you often first must convince them that they are not in charge. As a result, these puppies do not respond well to strict, punitive training. 

These dogs prefer the companionship of other Pekingese and their arrogance often causes tension with other animals and unfamiliar people. The peculiar pups are extremely loving and affectionate with their people but is generally aloof and wary of strangers. This makes them excellent watchdogs. Under no circumstances will they endure poking or pushing and won't pause before jumping to defence. This makes this breed an unrealistic option for families with toddlers.

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