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Pomeranian Puppies

Affectionately known as Poms, the Pomeranian is a feisty, fox-faced 'toy' dog breed, that once descended from large sled dogs. These compact firecrackers are named after the German providence, Pomerania. With ancestors raised for the rough and tumble of the harsh alpine snow landscape, Poms are bold dogs and mostly have minds of their own.

Highly active with a lot of energy, they enjoy going for walks but don't need a backyard, so they are great for apartment or unit-style living. Their dusky, almond-shaped eyes observe with intellect, the lavish ruff around their neck and chest protrudes a thick double coat and their definitive tail drifts effortlessly aloft. Despite their plush look, maintaining their appearance really only requires regular brushing. This breed is very attentive, aware and inquisitive and, with a loud yap, they make excellent watchdogs. Their loyalty is faultless and, emanating a furry charm, they respond to consistent, firm training. Your Pom may even surprise you and take to learning some tricks!

While these pets aren't recommended for families with small children who may cause accidental harm to their delicate frame, Pomeranians are excellent companions for older people and those who manage a hectic lifestyle, as they aren't particularly dependent. The variety of possible Pom colours is vast, so this puppy is perfectly customisable to you and your home!

Teacup Pomeranian

Much like mini Chihuahuas, the so-called 'teacup' strain of the Pomeranian breed is just as loveable and equally miniature. This tiny pet is not actually a different breed of pup; it is merely a product of the mating between the two smallest Poms in the litter. Many of these dogs could fit in the palm of your hand so their teeny structure needs a lot of tender, loving care. These little gems provide all the adorable features of the larger Pomeranian jam-packed inside an even teensier teacup-sized package.

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