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An adorably squat breed of dog, the pug is a breed notable for being sociable and a good choice of companion dog. They are muscular, but require regular walks so as not to get too chubby. Typically sport a soft and easily-maintained fawn or black short coat, the pug has a distinct wrinkly face and curled tail. Being a compact canine, the pug would be well-suited for those with apartments or small backyards, or someone looking for a lap dog.

Brought from China to Europe in the 1500s, the pug became popular with royals in the Netherlands, and later with Queen Victoria in England. These says, they are popular with royalty of a different kind; being a favoured breed of many celebrities. At Pups4Sale, you can find a selection of pug dogs for sale, without the worry of scam ads. We ensure that every ad is genuine before we upload it, making it a safe bet for finding your new pet.

A loyal dog for around the home

Pugs have a lot of personality and charm for such a small dog, and are a loyal companion. They are noted to have a fine sense and intuition of their owner’s mood, and enjoy affection and attention, so will often stay close to those in the household. Being a docile breed, pugs are rarely aggressive and are fond of children, knowing when to play gently. They are a wonderful choice for families with young children in the house. Although they do require daily exercise to remain healthy and in good physical fitness, pugs can be known for being lazy and enjoy napping during their down time.

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