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A devoted friend for life, the Rottweiler is a favourite of those who understand the breed and respect its loyalty and eagerness to please. Pups4Sale helps interested owners connect with reputable breeders and reliable rescue organisations, helping them find a forever friend.

We understand the need for confidence when looking for a pet to bring into your home, so we guarantee that every listing you see on our site is legitimate. We screen all listings to ensure that our website is scam-free, so you can browse with peace of mind. Know that you're always dealing with a fellow dog-lover when you use our platform. Find a friend for sale with Pups4Sale.

Calm, confident and loving towards owners

The size and strength of the average Rottweiler means that it requires careful training and an active and physically fit owner. With healthy weights of up to 60kg and standing as tall as 70cm, the 'Rottie' as it is known is a commanding presence, but also makes them exceptional working dogs, prized on farms and as guards.

Prized for their obedience, the Rottweiler is a dog that rewards careful and consistent attention and training several times over. Moderately intelligent, the dog can be easily taught tricks and will quickly learn its routine. It has a natural disposition towards protecting its home and family, but regular socialisation by a careful owner can preserve this affection without it impacting on the Rottweiler's ability to form friendships with other dogs and to welcome guests into the home.

The ethical choice for your next dog

Pups4Sale is dedicated to making getting your next dog from a responsible and reliable source simple and easy. Browse our listings today, or create an account and list your next litter on our site and discover why so many Australians prefer to buy and sell through Pups4Sale.

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