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Dogue De Bordeaux Puppies for Sale

A big dog with big personality, the Dogue de Bordeaux is a dog that demands respect in every way. Powerfully built and weighing more than an adult man, they’re a strong-willed and confident breed that requires an equally confident owner who understands the importance of proper training and socialisation. If this is you, then the Dogue de Bordeaux may be a fine addition to your family.

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A gentle giant

An imposing creature, the Dogue de Bordeaux needs an owner who’s not just prepared to do the hard work of training, but is physically capable of working with a dog that can weigh as much as 70 kilograms. Those who can will be rewarded with a calm, quiet animal who loves nothing more than cuddling up against your legs or feet on cold nights.

The breed’s short, fine, soft coat requires minimal care. Brushing is a non-concern and bathing is only to be done as required per the animal’s lifestyle and level of activity. As with all dogs with loose skin, care needs to be taken to ensure wrinkles are kept clean to avoid bacteria growth, leading to skin disease.

Make a friend for life

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