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A big dog with a big heart. Irish Red and White Setters are beautiful, healthy dogs that suit a variety of lifestyles. Originally bred for hunting small game, the breed has since become popular anywhere where there’s room for them to roam. Weighing as much as 32 kilograms and standing more than 60 centimetres high, this is not a dog for apartments, but will reward sufficient space with endless love.

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Fiercely intelligent & endlessly affectionate

Despite their impressive size, the Irish Setter is the perfect large family dog. Getting on well with other dogs and children, it’s considered to be a gentle giant by many owners. Highly intelligent and easy to train, they quickly pick up on verbal commands and hand signals, and quickly figure out their schedule, making day-to-day living a breeze. Their intelligence does mean they need plenty to do to avoid destructive behaviour, so they’re best suited to active owners – or even better, active families – who can give their Setter all the space it needs to roam and play.

The Setter’s single coat is easy to clean and does not require much maintenance to stay neat and attractive. Weekly brushing and combing will keep the coat well-groomed and free of knots, and owners are encouraged to trim away wispy hairs from the feet. Professional grooming and bathing is not frequently necessary due to the thinness of the Setter’s coat.

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