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Pug breed Information

Thanks to Pwll Clai Pug Kennels for the pictures of Pug adults and puppies used on this page.

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Breed information:
Adult weight range
Average lifespan
12-14 years
Adult height at shoulder
Males:28cm/11" Females:25cm/10"
Average weekly cost
Pugs come in black, apricot, fawn and silver. All Pug dogs have a black face mask and muzzle.
As Pugs shed quite a lot of hair, they need brushing at least several times a week.
The pug originated around 400BC in either China or Tibet. In Tibet it was a common companion to monks. Once having spread to Europe in the middle ages, it became a companion for royalty.
Pugs have a personality all their own. They "grunt" at their owners in their own little language, and are a delightful dog to have as a family member.
Pugs need to be watched around larger dogs. As they will approach larger dogs, they are vulnerable to attack if such dogs are aggressive. Additionally this breed has known health conditions that have arisen as a result of selective breeding designed to produce a desired appearance. The flat, wrinkled face has produced a cute look on the outside. However on the inside this has resulted in compromising the design of the airway, making it a more labored process for this dog to breed than dogs not so designed. Additionally selective breeding has resulting in brithing issues, meaning it is very common for Pugs to require assistance with birthing, with many litters being born via ceasarian section.
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