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Border Collie Puppies

Initially introduced as sheep drovers in the alpine border country between Scotland and England, the Border Collie breed are extremely trainable and highly intelligent. Child, car, cat or bird, these dogs will herd everything that moves. Border Collies are playful dogs but their workaholic nature means that they are always on the lookout for a job to do.

These puppies are by no means placid so they won't enjoy endless cuddles on the couch. They are doers and their elevated mental and physical energy requirements are a testament to this. Their energy is boundless with stamina to match so they are best suited to an owner who can keep up with their active nature. Daily exercise is necessary to keep these sporty animals in check so adding a spirited walk or a game of fetch to your everyday routine is a must.

While Border Collies are highly obedient, responsive to even the subtlest instruction, their desire to explore and create work for themselves demands a securely fenced yard to keep them safely contained. These dogs shine when it comes to canine sports, excelling in obedience, agility and tracking categories.

Short Haired Border Collies

The Border Collie breed are defined by their white collie markings but come with coats of varying colour, texture and length. The Short Haired Collie sports a smoother, shorter coat than the rougher breed, made famous by the kid's film star, Lassie. These dogs are said to present a sweet expression and have a soft, thick undercoat with straight, coarse guard hairs to protect the exterior of their coat.

Blue Merle Border Collies

Merle is a visible genetic pattern that affects the base colour of a Collie's coat. Often referred to as the "bleach gene," Merle breeds exhibit a combination of darker and lighter patches and speckling on the coat. Blue Merle Border Collies have slightly blue or slate tinted appearance, generally with black splotches.

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